Arts & Sciences Lodge meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third and fifth Thursdays of each month. Most (but not all) meetings are held in the Entered Apprentice Degree. Master Masons are welcome at any meeting. Apprentices and Fellows should be accompanied by a Master Mason who has first confirmed the meeting degree in advance.

Other than the above, no advance request or notice is required or even expected. Come and be welcome!

Street parking is available all around. If you arrive by 5:30 or so there will probably be parking very close to the building, on the street or on the side street on the south. Otherwise "close by" parking may be limited due to the Local Cantina bar across the street.

From there you can walk four blocks north to the Old Bag of Nails pub on the other side of Main Street, where we traditionally dine at 6:00 p.m. Ordering is off the menu and for your own convenience we suggest bringing $20 in cash to speed your checkout. The lodge meeting itself starts at 7:30 but you'll want to arrive at the building by around 7:00 if not attending dinner. Do not be concerned if the building is locked. Someone will be by shortly to open up.

Masons of jurisdictions other than Ohio will want to confirm mutual recognition of the grand lodges and make any necessary arrangements for credentials before leaving home. This is especially true if visiting from outside the United States.

Recommended dress code for our own officers and members is black or dark suit, unadorned apron, and white gloves. Dress for visitors is coat and tie. There are, however, times during the year when requested dress is substantially different, such as our annual Hawaiian Shirt Night in July or August.

Those visiting from outside the U.S. are strongly encouraged to wear whatever dress and regalia they were, or are entitled to wear, in their home lodge. You may be asked to talk a little about your regalia and and any notable differences in ritual.

We look forward to breaking bread with you and enjoying your company and in our lodge.