Brothers, Friends and Honored Guests,

On behalf of the members and officers of Arts & Sciences Lodge, let me thank you for being with us today. To the families of the masons present, thank you for supporting your Mason as he works to be  better. A better man. A better husband and partner. A better father. A better neighbor. Your support has been - and will continue to be - crucial in the success of that quest. This is not a path that we walk alone, and our gratitude for your love and support is immeasurable.

I would also like to extend a special thank you and offer our sincere appreciation to the travelling masons here today and to the members of the Installation Team. Right Worshipful Brother Ward Weber II, Senior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of Ohio (and charter member of Arts & Sciences Lodge), Right Worshipful Brother Adam Michel, District Deputy Grand Master for the 14th Masonic District, and Right Worshipful Brother Ron Wike, the 14th District’s newly installed District Deputy Grand Master. Thank you, brethren, for giving your time, your efforts and your skill to assist our lodge today. And I have news for you: it won’t be your last.

Freemasonry is not for every man. It is not for those who are unwilling to look within their deepest self and come face to face with both their defects and their mortality. However, for those men that desire more, this is a path of examination and enlightenment. We do this to understand our truest selves, so that we may honestly reflect on who we are as men and masons, and to craft our hearts and minds out of the rough stone, and into the squared and polished blocks on which a good life is built. Freemasonry is a crucible where good men are forged into better men. Not forged by fire and heat, but in the light of brotherly love, relief and truth. Seek and ye shall find.

As the officers of this lodge, it is incumbent upon us to serve our brothers as they undertake this important and mighty work. It is our duty to serve them as best we can in gratitude for the trust they have shown in us, and to work with all in order to leave the lodge in better condition than we found it. A servant leader is a servant first. This is what is required. Leadership is hearing others. Leadership is growing others. Leadership is helping others. Leadership is an action, not a position. And that action is, first and foremost, one of service to each other, our families and our communities. We cannot, however, do this alone. We need your help brethren to reach these lofty goals and high ideals. Together we will go forward into the light, to continue to build our lodge, and each other. As my dear friend and mentor, Bro. Dan Hrinko is fond of saying “many hands make light work”. So with faith in our hearts, hope in our minds, and charity from our hands, we will speak with one, raised voice and say “We did this together”.

Brethren and guests - go from this place and be of good cheer. May the Great Architect of the Universe bless you and keep you, may He continue to guide your journey, and may He forever shine His light upon you. Thank you one and all.

Richard L. Frederick III
Worshipful Master
Sunday, November 20, 2022