Brothers of Arts & Sciences Lodge No. 792,

The goal that was behind the formation of Arts & Sciences Lodge was to bring one central idea to fruition;  To practice Freemasonry in a manner that we found to be inspiring, enlightening, and influential to our daily lives.

We wanted to have lodge meetings that we looked forward to attending where we presented the highest quality of Masonic ritual work for all in attendance. We wanted a place to discuss, more deeply understand, and communicate the important lessons of these degrees to our candidates and to each other.  We wanted a Lodge that defined the term "Masonic Education" in the broadest sense providing a forum for discussions of topics that would lead to additional enlightenment to all in attendance.  These discussions were designed to support the growth of all in attendance as Masons and as men.  In addition, we looked forward to establishing strong social and fraternal bonds amongst ourselves.

Our initial activities focused on creating such a lodge while conforming to the administrative requirements necessary to obtain a Dispensation and, ultimately, a Charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio.  These documents provided their recognition and approval for our ability to conform to the Ancient Landmarks and follow the Constitution and bylaws of the Grand Lodge of Ohio being deemed a regular Lodge of Freemasons.  

During the past year, we have completed all of these tasks and were awarded our charter at the most recent annual convocation of the Grand Lodge meeting in Dayton, Ohio.  Throughout this process, we have endeavored to maintain the integrity of our vision to integrate many of these exciting elements of the practice of Freemasonry as we envisioned them.  

During the past year, we have pursued many activities including celebrating the feast of Saints John in December, 2009 and June, 2010.  We held a spring picnic for Masons, there guests and their family members and enjoyed an interesting program on Native American storytelling.  We organized and operated a food booth at Old Hilliardfest to raise money for local charitable needs.  

We have enjoyed many hours stimulating discussions on various topics and have exemplified the ritual of Ohio with many variations in style, illustration, and technique.  We have built many strong social and fraternal relationships at our dinners held before and social times after each meeting.

During the coming year we face several important challenges.  Greatest of all is that of maintaining our course to assure the visions and principles upon which our Lodge was founded remain foremost in our minds.  To lose sight of our original purposes would allow us to begin withering on the vine and becoming dull, lifeless, and mundane.  

We also face the challenges of the transfer of leadership when we hold our annual meeting in November, 2011.  Through our discussions we have agreed to use a mentorship model to provide opportunities for each and every member of Arts & Sciences Lodge to learn, become proficient, and demonstrate their mastery of various positions contributing to the life and vitality of this Lodge.  For this model to succeed, it demands that each and every one of us step forward and offer ourselves as servants to the Lodge in whatever capacity you are able.  This will assure that the future members of Arts & Sciences will find fertile ground for developing their talents and a welcome home for their contributions to the practice of Freemasonry.  

We also have the responsibility to be a good neighbor within the 14th district contributing to this group of Lodges with the same energy and vitality in which we pursue our activities within our Lodge.  Through being a good neighbor we will encourage members of other lodges to visit us where our unique qualities can be displayed.

During the past two years, we have become a Lodge where the directions, goals, and all important decisions are driven by the will of you, the craft.  This method of operating is in stark contrast to the top down methods of decision-making typically found in Freemasonry.  

In the building of structure, the architect is the master who draws the plans, sets the schedule, organizes the materials and resources, and directs the work of the builders.  When well executed, people might marvel at the results and credit the architect with its success.  However, before any designs are set forth, the architect must meet with the building’s owners to learn what is wanted, the functions this building is to serve, and the qualities they find most desirable before beginning his designs

As we proceed to design and construct Arts & Sciences Lodge, it is the responsibility of the master to lead, direct, and organize as well.  However, the designs he lays down must be based on and consistent with the will of the craft.  Just as, the architect learns the wishes of the building’s owners before beginning his designs, the master and leadership of this Lodge must meet with the owners of this Lodge, you the craft, to determine what this Lodge is to be.  

We begin our process by identifying the qualities and activities you want to see this Lodge to have before any designs can be generated.  After laying out the plans for the Lodge, based upon the wishes of the craft, the master and officers must then receive the support of the craft, the only resources with which the master has to work, to implement and execute those designs created at the request of the craft.  

This process is the essence of a Craft Driven Lodge and will allow Arts & Sciences Lodge to be dynamic, vital, and to continually evolve as we meets the needs and expectations of you, the members.  Each year it is formed and reformed at this, our annual meeting as new ideas, directions, and expectations are set for the officers and members of this Lodge.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dan Hrinko
Worshipful Master
Arts & Sciences Lodge No. 792