Chad E. Simpson
Immediate Past Master 2010-2011

             Chad E. Simpson was made a Freemason in North Baltimore Lodge No. 561 (North Baltimore, Ohio) in 1998 while earning his Master’s Degree in German from Bowling Green State University. Brother Harold E. Jenkins, the lodge’s secretary, took Chad under his wing immediately, and his tutelage and masonic library had much to do with Brother Simpson’s active participation in the Craft. Shortly after  graduating, Chad moved to Columbus and joined York Lodge No. 563.

             Chad served as Worshipful Master of York Lodge (Columbus, Ohio) in 2004, is one of the seven original members of the Goose & Gridiron Social Club (which was the seed body that later became Arts & Sciences Lodge), and is a charter member of Arts & Sciences Lodge. He served as the lodge’s secretary from its formation in 2009 to November, 2013 and currently [2015] serves as the Lodge Education Officer.

             While masonic lodges do not have founders as such, Bro. Simpson was recognized for his unique services in this regard when he was unanimously elected as the first Immediate Past Master of Arts & Sciences Lodge when it received its charter. The resolution adopted by the lodge appointed him to this office retroactively to the date of the lodge’s dispensation.

             Bro. Simpson is the Director of Program Development for the Grand Lodge of Ohio and has had numerous opportunities in that capacity to study masonic history. Not surprisingly, this has informed his view of how to learn from Freemasonry or, as Bro. Simpson says, “The history of Freemasonry provides a hearty buffet of traditions and practices which lodges can draw upon to provide a rich, diverse and meaningful masonic experience.”